Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Full-on Loon PayMe-PlayMe

If you haven't read Jane's piece on the Pantload Media over at Firedoglake then wander over there and do so. I have been a constant reader of Firedoglake since it's inception and Jane just gets better and better. With the addition of the ReddHedd the blog is now one of the must reads on a daily basis. This is especially true if you want to stay on top of the Plame affair.

Here is a snip of Jane's prose on the Pantload Media.
When the wingnuts chant their talking points like a bunch of tambourine-beaters at the airport, they want to be paid for their efforts. And Pajamas Media was set up to do just that. They received by some accounts $7 million dollars to subsidize 70 right wing bloggers, and if you look at their sites there are no ads, many don't even identify their affiliation with a logo. Look at some full-on loon like the Confederate Yankee who earns his/her 800 hits a day by having seizures over Google's attempts to mock Christmas with Jesus butt plugs. The General will easily draw twenty times the traffic with his rapier-witted takedown, but the Confederate Yankee probably earns a lot more money than the General. These illiterate zeros are being paid out of principal, not out of any ad revenues. They are all Armstrong Williams.

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