Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fruitless, Not

We can add fresh figs to the pile of fruit left to process. The brown turkey fig down by the garden decided it would ripen so now there are figs to preserve as well. We made some fig jam last year but it was only marginal so I have been searching the tubes for another. I've looked through a lot of fig jam/preserve recipes and it appears that the great bulk have one thing in common. Half as much sugar and figs by weight. Various schemes for cooking but another theme that comes into play is only cooking the figs a short while in the syrup and removing them and bringing the syrup up to a candy temp...some even as high as hard ball. I am going to improvise using all the recipes as a guide and see what happens. And yes there are still more apples and pears to deal with as well. Got spiced pears and pear honey done yesterday and one more load of apple butter but I think the food drier is going into play for the rest of the apples and maybe just some pear halves in a light syrup will wrap up the fruit.

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