Friday, August 27, 2010

Nearly There

It is almost finished...just a few reinforcing struts and the like but I couldn't wait to share. It's an 8x12 aluminum and polycarbonate greenhouse. Even though the instructions said to allow a half day for construction it has been more like two and a half but not really difficult. The instructions were all pictorial and every piece is numbered. The main members snap together with nylon connectors and then you go back and reinforce all the joints with metal bits that anchor with screws into the channels in the aluminum struts. One hint if you ever build your own greenhouse is that it gets might hot on 90F days in the bright sun inside a greenhouse! I  consumed over a gallon of iced tea in the two days and maybe 10 liters of water. Now you know where I have been for the last couple of days.
The next evolution is to build some cedar benches, finish the wall to Madam's specifications and build some stone steps and tidy up the landscape.
Happy Birthday to me! (and Christmas)

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