Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Still have a little work to finish on the greenhouse project but it is only a couple of hours away from complete.  Three more bags of river stones to put down this afternoon and a few more wood chips to haul in for the landscaping around. I'll post a final picture with all the nice new cedar benches and all which Madam and I cut and assembled over the weekend. My original idea to use PVC for the legs was a bust so I made cedar legs out of 1x2 cut, glued and screwed to make 'L' legs which seem to be plenty strong and much more aesthetic.
It's that time of year to make some cuttings of tomatoes and see if we can extend the harvest a few more months. Huge amount of work to do in the garden as I have been limited by the heat. Weeds have a good foothold and I need to make room for the fall garden. Too bad the temp is supposed to head back above 90F after these few days of 'cool' 85+ days.
I'll be back to more regular blogging after some of my outdoor projects get done.

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