Thursday, August 05, 2010

Space Challenged

Well, all of the industry in preserving from the garden has caused a problem. All of the shelves in the basement are full and overflowing with jars. Some are even stacked which is technically a no-no. Fortunately Lowe's anticipated my shelving crisis and in their newspaper flyer yesterday are offering a 73"x48"x36" chromed wire shelving unit for $59.00 which is about $20 bucks off the regular price. I just got back with one and now am faced with how to reorganize the basement to accommodate it. I was going to get a plastic unit which was also offered at a reduced price but it was smaller and not rated for much weight. The flyer said it would hold 875 pounds per shelf but the package said it was only rated at 175. The metal one is rated at 350 and is larger and was only 14 bucks more. Yeah, it was made in China but I defy you to find anything of its type not made there. So I am off to the basement to assemble shelves and figure out how to rearrange my work benches. Madam will want to start organizing as soon as she gets home. Pickles by type and date, tomatoes, jellys and jams know the drill. I had better get started since I also promised to try and get a load of sliced apples into the food dehydrator as well there is pear butter to get started.

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