Sunday, November 20, 2011


The whole police/thugs response to the various OWS demonstrations around the country have, for weeks, depressed and saddened me. The incident at UC Davis has moved me beyond sad and angry into heartbroken. I keep asking myself how my America got to where this could happen...on a college campus no less, and then I remember Kent State. The same shock and horror. The sad reality is that this whole incident  and to a large degree the whole OWS phenomenon reflects the deterioration of America.
I'm just waiting for assault charges to be brought against Officer Pike and his buddies.

It's going to be somewhat quiet around these parts as I am working everyday for a week. We are now being scheduled by a computer and the first two weeks suck big time. I have multiple days where I have only a four hour shift which really shoots a day without much reward. Maybe it will get better.

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