Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lettuce Spray

I meant to give credit for the video in the previous post to Balloon Juice but I hit publish to quickly. Anyhow, I spent part of my day off yesterday building some planter boxes out of cedar (35"x20"x6") that will fit on my greenhouse tables. I have been growing lettuce, spinach, roquette, etc. in small seed starter trays and while it works the plants get root bound and too crowded very quickly. I am thinking these little planters will allow a better environment and I should get better production. I only made three(my calculations caused me to be short by one 8' board. These came out pretty well so I'll get two or three more 6 inch cedar boards while I am work today and whip out two more as I would like to grow some radishes, green onions and maybe even some beets as well. I finished up the boxes last night and filled them with soil and this morning I got the new crop planted. In a few weeks I'll know if this plan is workable but it looks nice in the greenhouse. The other thing the added mass of soil will help on is watering. With the small containers you had to stay on top of the watering just about every other day.

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