Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still Among The Living

Sorry it has been so quiet around these parts but life is crowding me lately. Still have the remnants of the cold from hell...nagging cough and some head congestion. I've done everything I can think of ....doubled up on "C" added zinc and all the rest but still not 100%. Like I mentioned I've been scheduled for the outside garden pretty much exclusively for the last week(and again today) and I imagine that hasn't helped. Still doing the 6 hour shifts for some reason which suck.

On another note I have been just amazed at the political theater going on. I guess last night's debate will see the beginning of the end for Mr. Perry. so that's going to leave the GOP with "look how many women haven't accused me of assault" pepperoni man and "Don't worry about what I stand for today as it will change tomorrow" Romney to fight it out. Neither has a chance to win the election over Obama so I guess we should just enjoy the show. It has been nice not to see "moosewoman's" name in the news lately so thank the Goddess for small favors.

The recent voting had some progressive goodness as well. Mississippi voters actually demonstrated some sanity and the voters in Arizona toasted their racist Senator big time.  Ohio voters shoved the overreaching governor's union busting zeal right where the sun never shines and that was a good thing.

I guess the next thing we have to look forward to is the epic failure of the "Super Committee" and then we get to watch the GOP try and undo all the forced cuts that result. McCain and Graham are already trying to make sure that war mongering is fully funded going forward.

We are supposed to get our first freeze tonight. We have had one light frost so far but we might see 30F tonight. There are still a bunch of peppers in the garden that should be picked today but I am out of time.

Off to work in a bit so you guys have fun out there. When things are quiet I can keep up my reading on the smart phone but posting is another issue. They were beginning to set up for the Xmas tree sales yesterday so that looks to be in my immediate future. I was there for it last year and it wasn't fun.

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