Saturday, September 08, 2012

Another Year

Sixty-three today and I have to work....bummer. The only good thing is I am scheduled for the garden so at least I'll be out with the flowers and stuff. On the down side, rumor has it that the CEO, Frank Blake is going to visit the store. Management will be crazy  and running around trying to make nice for the boss. It is really sort of irritating. Day to day the store looks ok but there are many things that could easily sharpen it up with minimal effort. These only seem to be important if some VIP is due.

If I were the VIP my visits would never be announced....I want to see the way things are everyday...VIP or no. Home Depot seems to believe forewarning of VIP tours is the right thing but maybe only because the VIP's don't want to be embarrassed and it makes them feel more important knowing that people are scrambling in preparation for their visit. Well, that's the only reason that makes sense to me.


karmanot said...

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FM!!! peace MandT & Bodhi Dog

Jillian J said...

Happy Birthday! :-) xo Cookie Jill

Steve Bates said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fallenmonk, even if you have/had to work!

"Frank Blake" is a good name. I don't know your big boss Frank Blake, but I know a Frank Blake in Houston, one of the single most activist members/officers of the local Sierra Club, and he's a thoroughly admirable guy. I hope yours is as conscientious! In any case, best birthday wishes.

JimD said...

Happy Birthday!