Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Harsh Light of Truth

It is no secret around these parts that have not nor ever will be a big fan of Mitt Romney but I didn't hate him. I just wasn't a big fan of his duplicitous nature and chameleon like politics. The latest revelation that he actually loathes half of America because we aren't uber wealthy and privileged is no surprise, at least to me, and shouldn't be to anyone else that can walk and chew gum at the same time. What we all knew is now just confirmed.

Just so we know who the loathed 47% are: 17% are people like me who are collecting our earned Social Security, 13% aer students, and people with disabilities or with incomes so low that they don't make enough to pay any Federal Income Tax (though they pay sales, gas and other taxes). The other 70% are people that do pay payroll taxes but wind up owing no tax due to exemptions. Not exactly a bunch of freeloaders.

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Bryan said...

What about the 105,000 filers who made more than $200K in 2011 and paid no income tax? What about Rmoney during all of those years he doesn't want to talk about?

There are freeloaders in the system, but most of them are found in the upper 10%.