Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I stayed up and watched the whole DNCC thing last night and I am glad I did. The FLOTUS's speech was a show stopper and the rest of the speakers were on target as well. It was a well  oiled and focused event. Everyone on message.
While Michelle's speech was very, very good it all boils down to get out the vote. Yes, things aren't as good as we had hoped this far along but change is hard and we have to be patient.
I am a little worried that there hasn't been enough focus on the constant GOP efforts to make the economy as bad as possible as their only real weapon against President Obama and I think its needs to be highlighted often and loudly.
I'll at least watch the Big Dog's speech tonight and probably more.
I am encouraged by the focus I am seeing.

On another note...I have three straight days off but it is raining off and on so my intent to get some serious garden work done has hit the skids. I might just have to chill and charge instead.

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karmanot said...

Yes, the first night was a great show. At least one got the feeling that real people were impassioned. The GOP event gave me the eerie feeling of body snatchers. At least the lies of the Democrats are humanely based. It's important to me, not to get sucked into a vortex of propaganda like last time. For a different view of the Demo Platform check out: A strange account of a Republican at their convention can be found here: Enjoy the day! peace