Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Break

Whew, tonight was the last of five straight long days at you know where. I've had to close for each of the last five nights and it has really taken its toll. I'm exhausted. I finally have a day off tomorrow but am wondering if I will have the spit to do anything. I just have to wait and see what the morning brings. Believe it or not I have just passed my two year anniversary and it just seems like last week that I started. Since I am never late, never call out, have the best performance numbers of anyone I got a whole 25 cent per hour raise. Pretty soon ( 3 or 4 years) we'll be talking real money...maybe even 10 bucks an hour.

The supervisor made the mistake of asking me about the "raise" and I reminded him that I am making less a month here that I was making a day at my previous job(thanks Bain Capital).

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karmanot said...

I'm not sure how to phrase this, but will plunge in: that is to say, I am among those friends who acknowledge the courage and strength of character to face the trauma of career change later in life---one that must be absolutely physically challenging. We have noticed that you have also created a plan to stay healthy. You don't want to stress to the point you end up with an adrenal collapse and heart problems like me. I'm reading Kabot Zin's books now for mind healing. Peace, Michael