Sunday, October 14, 2012

Garden Failure

I had a heavy week at work but I did get a little time the other day to work in the garden. I decided to dig sweet potatoes. The tops were so nice and full even with the deer grazing that I was sure of a good crop. Wrong. Seems as though while I was admiring the luxuriant growth of the tops some small critter, maybe a chipmunk or two was busily tunneling through the patch and feasting on my potatoes. Out of a forty foot row of plants I got only about twenty potatoes...all the rest were half eaten. What should have been about two bushels of potatoes was a double handful. I has a sad as that is the second year in a row where I got nothing to speak of out of the sweet potato patch. On the plus side I did harvest a mountain of peppers which I am trying to dispose of.

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