Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Going to Miss It

Gotta work tonight so I am going to miss the debate live. I'm going to have my Nexus 7 with me just in case I get a chance to sneak a peek. I'm scheduled for the pro register and it is usually pretty quiet at night so I may....regardless I have it scheduled to record so I can see it when I get home.

I honestly don't think it will make much difference and I just don't think Rmoney is capable of changing his stripes at this late date. All the pressure is on the Mittster and people have realized that there is no substance to his campaign. The President is a known entity and can point to the accomplishments he has made in spite of the insane opposition of the GOP.

Never forget that their number one objective was to make him a one term president and it looks like they are going to fail at that as well.

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