Monday, October 15, 2012

No Morning Paper

One of the rituals in my life is a nice quiet read of the morning paper (Atlanta-Journal Constitution) and a nice strong cup of coffee. Everyday for 30 plus years, with very, very few exceptions, my paper was waiting for me in the driveway and almost always by 6am. A note inserted in the paper yesterday morning by the carrier announced that this would be the last paper delivered by an AJC carrier and that home delivery has been outsourced to a third party. The inaugural day of this new service today was greeted with no paper, even now, after 8am. Not happy and I have already fired off an email to the paper's "customer care" and reported the missed delivery and my dissatisfaction. The AJC is probably going to find a few other angry customers this morning and discover that outsourcing such a core piece of your business and one that has an immediate and lasting effect on your customer satisfaction is a huge mistake and I mean huge!

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