Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Months Wasted Near 'bout

Been a few days since I posted anything but I have an excuse. Besides all my other issues with recovering from the surgery Madam decided it was necessary to bring home a head cold. She suffered with it last week and through the weekend and I took over the first of the week. I hit the zinc and vitamin C hard, rested and drank gallons of water with lemon and I am actually feeling better today. I also didn't mention the very painful stye that erupted on my lower right eyelid the other week. Still a bit of hematoma there but it is much better. I'm pretty sure the imbalance in my system from the stress of surgery coupled with the lack of exercise had something to do with it. My blood sugar had been about 20 points higher than it should be since the surgery and only in the last week has it been creeping back down to where it should be. My native staph population seems to act up when my blood chemistry goes off and even if I didn't check my blood sugar I would know it was off just from that.

Pretty nice weather this week...even shirtsleeve but the head cold kept me from getting anything done in the garden. I did get all the early seeds in trays and set on their way. Onions(cippoline), shallots, and leeks along with broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. I'll wait a week and then move on to the herbs and flowers. Another two weeks for tomatoes and a second batch of peppers. The second batch of peppers will be strictly for putting by and will mostly be an heirloom Greek pepper or pepperoncini of the variety Stavros. I'll also put in some chili Arbol which are nice an small and which dry well on the vine. They have good heat and have the added bonus of not being an annual. You can keep them over the winter in the greenhouse or even a Southern window and get fresh peppers year round. I had a beautiful one in the greenhouse that was about 5 years old but the hard freeze we had this year got it since I wasn't paying attention and didn't bring it in. Truth be told, it was in a pot that was too heavy for me to lift while recovering. I saved seeds though so I am ready to go.

Supposed to be a nice weekend and I am hoping one more good night's sleep will bounce me back enough to get going in the garden. I did get the beds cleared and all the debris in the composter but they all have to be turned and readied for the spring planting. We had a good thunderstorm last night which dumped some rain we really didn't need but one of the advantages of the raised beds is that they drain well. It's only going to be a couple of weeks (tax day) when I put in potatoes and green peas.

Madam and Miss Zoey should be back from "That Dirty Dog" and Zoey's bath and toenail clip soon and I actually feel up to cooking dinner tonight so I'll get that underway. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that yours truly can move beyond this lost first two months of 2014.

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