Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter. Part Two

Looks like we are in for it again this week. Right now it is snowing here in the Northern burbs of Atlanta though according to the weather folks it is supposed to be raining. Snow is better than rain when the temperature is hovering near freezing. The big hit is supposed to be tonight and tomorrow with about 18 hours of precipitation and freezing temperatures. Let's hope it is snow and not an ice storm, which in these parts are really bad. The local pines don't do well with the layers of ice and come down everywhere. If it is an ice storm then we will likely lose power for some time.

I've got a batch of sourdough bread fermenting and a mess of pinto beans soaking. I have a gas range so even if we lose power I can cook. If my bread comes ready to bake and we have no power I will have to do it in a Dutch oven on the charcoal grill. Still another reason for me to get going on building my wood fired oven, right?

So I guess we are down for the next few days. Madam is supposed to have a Valentine's party with her cronies today at noon. The roads are still fine so I guess they will still go ahead with it. Other than that we are ready for whatever comes.


2karmanot said...

For Valentine's day 'T' made shrimp won ton soup----so good. Stay safe Monks! peace,M

fallenmonk said...

Sounds tasty....Madam has a bad cold so we did absolutely nothing for the day. She got toast and tea for her dinner.