Monday, September 19, 2005

Culinary Suicide?

Well, another first in the food adventures in Japan. This being a national holiday in Japan the company cafeteria was closed. Feeling sorry for us the client offered to drive us for lunch. I was feeling a little trepidation when he pulled into 7-11. What is the Japanese equivalent of a bean burrito?

What a surprise! There was a whole section of prepared food. There were complete Japanese meals in little partitioned trays with all kind of colorful but unidentifiable things. Single meal boxes of pork and chicken and fish. Yes, there was even sushi. Our host insisted it was all very fresh and safe. I selected some little fried chicken units and a salad bowl and it was quite nice. I feel nothing yet.

No, I didn't have sushi. I couldn't bring myself to buy sushi in a 7-11. I even commented to our host that in the U.S. eating sushi from a 7-11, if they had it, would surely be paramount to suicide and a slow and painful death it would surely be.

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