Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Over

Well the golfing is over for this vacation. No small animals killed, No humans seriously injured. Only a couple of dozen lost balls. I don't believe any trees were permanently injured (DrMax). Now it is off to Kansas City to see the Steamship Arabia exhibit...looking forward to it. Back here to Arkansas tomorrow and then back to Atlanta Saturday if there is gas to be found. My daughter called from Atlanta last night to see if it was as insane here as there. Evidently there is widespread panic and long lines at pumps and the always present jerk who is trying to gouge his fellow man with $4.99 gas. I hope it won't be to difficult to find gas along I40. I will fill up here and then need two fills from about 3/4 to get back to the house. I have a Hyundai that gets pretty good mileage even though it is a 6.
That's it for the update..maybe more later.

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