Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Shell Shocked

With the pressures of work and the planning for an undefined stay out of the country coupled with the fast influx of bad news I can't even start to keep up with all the incompetence and lies of Bush and company now that Katrina's worst in known. Every news story I read about the bungled response from every level of government especially from the federal idiots sends me screaming. Why aren't there more questions about the cronyism that put Michael Brown in the position to kill so many people with his incompetence? The theory that his staff is supposed to cover his ignorant ass falls apart when you look at their qualifications to lead a national crisis management function. Out country is like a third world nation with respect to this disaster. I am utterly disgusted and am having trouble even comprehending what the next 3 years will bring.
Goddess save us all.
My left wing hippy yippy pinko commie gay loving consorts here in the left blogtopia(see blogroll) are doing a fine job of covering all the bases while I sit here shell shocked and speechless. You'd think someone who had experienced Nam, civil rights, JFK, MLK, RFK getting assasinated, landing on the moon, Kent State, Watts, 9/11, and Iraq and more could come to grips with thousands of innocent Americans dying from the incompetence of out ficticious leader. My bad.
I will check in, I hope, from Tokyo in a day or so. I will arrive(9/8) on my 56th birthday so you guys are off the hook for neat presents but I do expect someone to tell me happy birthday.

P.S. Delta just called and I did manage to get upgraded to business class for tomorrow's flight. Some good news.

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