Monday, February 19, 2007

All warfare is based on deception

MandT over at Adgitadiaries has another brilliant post up that is well worth the read. Woven through with the wisdom of Sun Tzu and Santayana it is a well turned summary of the state of our nation and the tragedy of our current misadventure in the Middle East. Give it visit but just to whet your appetite here is just a small quote.
Neoconservatism is a dangerous and unstable ideology and a profoundly anti democratic, anti American phenomena. Fascist in essence the total package is poisonous as a gestalt of radical religious fundamentalism, trans government economics, legal and illegal determinism, and unilateral militarism. Characteristic of the Bush administration is the disastrous and seemingly unstoppable entropy of incompetence that is mandating a certain failure of all the above ventures and the rapid decline of the American State, at least as most of us have always conceived it to be----a true democracy. The Casandra of our age, wailing the judgment, is New Orleans the perfect paradigm of what awaits the country as a whole. When Bush leaves office and bequeaths the next administration a balloon loaded with explosive nails the financial interests that bought us our demise will profit mightily from our collective tragedy. These people plan well. Cheney's retirement fortunes are tied to Haliburton's profits in Iraq and he is but an example how the neocon ideology is fundamentally not about America, but a trans global corporate governance.

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