Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heartland Again! BRRRR!

Out of here again at 0'pumpkin thirty tomorrow morning (8am flight...yuch!) for the Heartland again. This time it is Indianapolis and a different client. Looks like I will get to enjoy even more of this Arctic weather this week as the lows in Indy for the week are going to be in the low single digits and the highs only high teens.

This is not going to be a fun three days as I am supposed to go in and rescue a client driven implementation that is going south. In trying to save a little money clients sometimes try to skip on paying us for our implementation expertise, we are not cheap I admit, but usually the people they assign aren't relieved of their regular duties and are supposed to manage a large software project as an afterthought. Almost never works and they wind up in deep guacamole and months behind schedule. In an effort to not waste the money they have already spent and to get things back in order they wind up having to call us anyway and rescue projects are always more expensive than doing it right the first time. This is probably going to involve a few weeks commuting to Indy which is not my favorite place. It is probably OK if you live there and know the deal but I don't think it is too visitor friendly.

I just wish they would do this all in the summertime. I know Pekka I'm a wimp.

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