Sunday, February 18, 2007

So Far So Good

Well! I must say this trip to Indianapolis is so far going pretty well. Upgraded to first for the flight which is pretty common since I am a platinum medallion with Delta. Hertz gave me a no cost upgrade to a Volvo with NeverLost ( I love playing with the GPS) and the Hilton upgraded my room to a suite...a big ol' suite. Several families could live here...the sitting room is bigger than my den and there is a conference table with six chairs and a TV/conversation area with a sofa and two chairs. There are two baths and a very spacious bedroom as well...class digs. No complaints from this end and the weather is tolerable and supposed to improve over the week. Must be doing something right. Then again maybe all the positive vibes from visitors here made the difference.

I also think I pretty much kicked the cold in the butt with a good day of rest(Madam Monk was very insistent) and several doses of Alka-Seltzer Plus and Airborne.

Every once in while a road trip gets all the breaks and this seems to be one of them. I complain sometime about the travel but these little lagniappes dull the pain. Just checked in so I haven't had time to do any cruising on the blogs but it is early and I may be back tonight after I have some dinner. Later.

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