Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Got You Babe

Talk about sheep...I mean please, what is to discuss here? Get this quote from the story:
Senate Republicans have also been squeamish about Mr. Reid’s decision to debate the Iraq policy in the form of legislation, which would be sent to the president if passed as such. They see such a move as overly confrontational...
Do you believe this? Karl Rove must have pictures and video of these guys humping sheep or something. WTF, the idiot in chief is sending the country down the toilet and the Republicans think that it's overly confrontational for the Congress to actually consider the situation in Iraq? I guess losing both Houses of Congress wasn't enough of a lesson for the Republicans. Maybe the American people teach them an even bigger lesson in November of 2008.
This is a serious time in the future of our country and it is time for serious people to be driving the bus. This bunch evidently have Dick Cheney's johnson up their asses and can't have a coherent thought without Darth Vader giving them a little thrust. Take a good look at the faces in the picture and see what you think the problem might be. Somebody has a firm grip on McConnell's balls judging from the look on his face. Don't even ask what might be invading Trent's personal space.
Damn this makes me sick.

P.S. To all the lovely ladies who stop by...I apologize for the language and the crude references. I just don't know how to convey my disgust in any other terms.

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