Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He Stands Alone

I bet Bush is glad to hear the Danes and Brits are bailing out of Iraq so that he can take all the credit for this glorious adventure. I am sure he has been straining at the traces...eager to show the rest of the wusses how to get the job done.

Now that the insurgency is reacting to the 'surge' with new tactics and new weapons like chlorine trucks rigged with explosives it just goes to show that they are in their last throws. Meanwhile, we here in the U.S. are assured by the MSM that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead, Britney is still bald, Obama is still black and Hillary is still a bitch.

There has been some mention in the news that we are treating our returning wounded like second class citizens but not to worry because the Army is on it and everything will be 'spit-spot' in no time at all. No real story here.

Have a great day!

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