Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Safe and Cold

I'm safe and sound in Indy. It is naught outside and the 3 block walk to dinner was surely brisk. The hotel internet was down until about 10pm so I am just now connected. No chance to browse around and see what everyone is up to. The 330am wakeup is taking its toll.

The culinary report from here is mixed. At the suggestion of one of the client folks we walked to Alcatraz, a local micro brewery for dinner. Beer is good but the food is just so so. I wanted something light so I just had an appetizer for dinner and selected the General's Calamari. I think the squid started off nice but is was blended with chopped Napa cabbage in a funky lopsided bowl and the moist cabbage took its toll on the crisp calamari so you wound up with a squishy melange of cabbage and soggy calamari which wasn't too nice. Walked past some places that hold more promise judging from the crowds. Further reports tomorrow evening.

Thanks for all the support in the last thread. All you southerners sympathizing with me and my thin skin against the cold and pitching in to defend me against our resident Finn Pekka was heartwarming. Just kidding Pekka as I truly value your input here since you are the only non U.S. person to visit regularly. Your views from across the pond are great for balance and an alternative view of things. Not to mention you make a great foil for my complaining about the cold weather. It is kind of funny knowing the winter you must be having and me complaining about a mere zero F and a little snow. From my memories of Kuopio in the winter I should welcome such nice weather. Thsnks Pekka for adding to the tebare

Someday when I am not so sleepy I will regale you with my Kuopio dragon boat racing story. Remind me.

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