Saturday, February 03, 2007

Slick or Saviour

You have to give him credit...John Edwards is good!

This is a very good speech. He's studied his delivery very carefully. The speech is based on two themes: "It doesn't have to be that way", and "Will you stand up?". Then it's structured around these themes and he does it very well. He reiterates the theme and then he illustrates it. It's not quite challenge and response in the style of Martin Luther King, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but it's very similar, and I guarantee that it will resonate in the South. Another key point to make is that it does a very good job of demonstrating how Democratic values line up with real families and this is something that Democrats have let get away from them in recent years. The danger I see is that he is almost too polished and too pretty and too youthful. In this situation you become a candidate for being too slick to be trusted. I can support Edwards and of the current field he is probably my pick. I really want Al Gore to run. He would win and things would get better.

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