Friday, September 26, 2008

Bets on the Bail?

Now that McBush has blinked and will debate tonight I think it might be fun to speculate on the excuse or excuses the McSame team uses to get Sarah Palin out of the debate with Biden next week.

I'm sure it won't be anything so predictable as a family emergency

How about Russian troops spotted in the Aleutians and the only person that can save us is Sarah and her moose gun?

How about she doesn't want to embarrass Biden so she is not going to show and trounce him?

She is going to round up mothers from all across the country to bake cookies for the world's largest bake sale and will use the proceeds to bail out Wall Street.

Rumor has it that the McSame team has held a mock debate and a news conference and that both were absolute disasters which you can well believe after seeing her CBS interview.

If you have any good ideas for a possible excuse for Sarah "Lookout "Bull Winkle" Palin to dodge the debate leave them in the comments.

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