Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Please Some Good News

OK...that's enough. Two mornings in a row the news has been that McCain is leading in all the national polls. This is not what I need first thing in the morning. The thing is I just can't believe that the majority of my fellow countryman think McCain is a better choice for President that Obama. I can't even believe that McCain is even a valid or appropriate choice for President much less better than just about anyone. We need this polling thing turned around and turned around now but I have the suspicion that the PTB (powers that be) want to weaken the momentum of the Obama campaign by falsely reporting that in spite of the overwhelming mood in the country of a need for change the candidate that represents no change is preferred. IOW why support Obama/Biden you are running against the conventional wisdom.

In other important things I have accepted a bet with David Duff the Contrary over the outcome of the U.S. election. I owe him a bottle of Jack Daniels if McCain wins and he owes me a bottle of Macallan 12 if Obama wins. As some commenters have challenged by selection of Scotch I was just trying to keep each of our investments comparable. I am confident that I have a new bottle of Scotch in my future.

Gotta run this morning as the client has decided that an 8am start is the plan for the week. Play nice and you guys in Texas get ready to hunker down.

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