Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Wander

Back home safe after an uneventful trip back. Out this morning at 8am for a haircut and noticed that the price of gas had jumped about $.50 overnight and that there were short lines at the QT. I waited for a few minutes and filled up but paid $3.999/gal for regular. Looks like someone is taking advantage. I saw a Shell station a bit later with $4.299/gal.

Looks like Galveston took it pretty hard last night and that Houston is getting pounded as well. Mighty large storm and they are estimating $81 million in damages...ouch!.

Doesn't look like the storm will affect my travel next week as it ought to be north of Memphis by Monday morning. That's good.

Just getting caught up with things so after I wander around the "tubes" and get my expenses done, catch up the checkbook and schedule bills I may be back.


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