Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Panic Gas Buying in Atlanta

The QuikTrip on the corner evidently has gas though the BP and Exxon on the opposite corners are not pumping. Lines out to the street as people top off their tanks. There is actually enough gas coming in to the area but the panic buying is causing the outages. The EPA has dropped the requirement for low sulphur gas for the time being so to hell with clean air.
I am still pretty much at full as I have only had to run out for some quick groceries and I'll just wait for the herd mentality to wear off. I still have to make a run to Whole Foods which is about five miles away as I am almost out of fruit and Super Veggie juice and maybe only two days worth of yogurt on hand but if runs to the grocery are my only needed trips I can hold out for a month or more and there is always the bicycle. There are several social events on the weekend which will require the car but both are within 10 miles. This is one of the weekends where I get to dress up in my kilt as a friend throws his own mini version of the Highland games and Saturday night is the annual "Sip o' the South" to raise money for Bulloch Hall and I have paid for rather expensive tickets so I will go and collect on the open bar and food. The theme is Cajun this year so it might be fun.

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