Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Small Victories

I took my lunch break to run up the road to Whole Foods and burn some of my precious gasoline. The situation here in the Atlanta area is still in the tank(pardon) with regards to finding gasoline and they are saying two more weeks before it gets better.
Anyhow, today was pretty much a first. I walked out of Whole Foods without spending more than $50. actually only $48.45. I can't remember the last time that happened. I usually impulse buy stuff that I really don't need. This week I passed up the bread, wine, cheese and snacks. I only bought one small piece of grass feed beef(Georgia) and one small pack of Rosie boneless organic chicken thighs.
What else did I get for my $49?
1 organic butternut squash (California)
1 small organic eggplant (locally grown, NC)
2 small organic zucchini (locally grown,NC)
6 nice locally grown Jonagold apples( GA,not organic)
1 small locally grown purple cabbage (organic,SC)
a handful of locally grown green beans (not organic, SC)
1 6pk of 365 ginger ale (Madam)
2 organic kiwi (NZ)
2 Bosc organic pears (Washington)
3 Vidalia onions (Georgia)
4 jugs of Lakewood Super Veggie juice (organic, Florida) This is a splurge since it is $3.99 a bottle but I like it and have an 8 oz glass every morning. It is a luxury though.
1 dz organic brown eggs supposedly free range and hand gathered but who knows which were a pretty good value at only $2.49. Kroger's organic eggs are $3.59.

Doesn't seem like much food for nearly $50 does it? That should get me through the week though as I cooked up a big pot of pinto beans yesterday. I only really feel guilty about the 2 Kiwi and the pears but on my current regimen it is mostly fruit and vegetables and I need a little variety, don't I? Don't answer, but I have been on the low glycemic, high fiber, minimal meat regimen for 5 weeks(including 2 weeks of travel) and have shed 20 pounds. If I would give up my evening wine I could do even better.

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