Monday, September 22, 2008

NO Petrol Around Here

Good thing I don't have to go anywhere this week. All the gas stations are out of gas. People were panic buying on Saturday and today is the result. I would expect that things will improve by the end of the week but we will just have see. Instead of traveling this week I just have to write the reports on my last two weeks of travel.

Got some brush cut this weekend and other little chores around the manor. Saturday was a bit frustrating as the new Ryobi brush cutter/trimmer I bought week before last froze up and the cord wouldn't pull. I returned it to Home Despot with the idea of buying a better one but after much run around it turned out they couldn't provide with me with a trimmer that could be turned into a brush cutter. Lowes, on the other hand, turned out to have just the ticket. I wound up with a Troy-Bilt 4 cycle trimmer that has attachments such as a brush cutter and even a small tiller. Runs much quieter and starts nicely and does the job on brush. It is a little heavier than the Ryobi and therefore tires me out a little sooner. No mixing of gas however and that is good.

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