Monday, September 01, 2008


The nicest thing for me about the Palin pick is that I don’t even have to think twice about her to know I reject her. If you think evolution is “just a theory,” you are not my kinda folks. Think abortion should be illegal no matter what, even in cases of rape and incest- not my friend. Think intelligent design should be taught in science classrooms- you're an idiot. I need not go on. I don't have to think and analyze experience or other qualifications. Simple clean and absolutely black and white.

Gustav came ashore a little while ago as a Cat 2 storm which is still plenty dangerous. Most people have evacuated Nola and the other coastal areas so there will hopefully not be much loss of life and maybe only a small amount of property damage. Hang on everyone and be safe. We have our fingers crossed.

Going to be a quiet day here a Fallenmonk manor. I did all my chores over the weekend so I am clear to putz around today. Madam and I did go and see Mama Mia yesterday. It was cute and in spite of myself I like Abba's music. I have an Abba greatest hits CD on my Ipod that is great to just zombi out with. No thinking required.

All you south coasters be careful and be safe.

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