Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Something with Green Tomatoes

When I pulled up all the tomato plants last week I wound up with a lot of golf ball sized green tomatoes. The larger ones made a meal of fried green tomatoes but the smaller ones were a puzzle. This weekend I decided to try and use them. Turned out pretty good.

Slice of the top and hollow them out with a melon ball tool. Just take out all the seeds and jelly and discard. Shave a bit off the bottom so that they will sit flat. Depending on how many tomatoes you have, make a mixture of two parts feta cheese and one part low fat small curd cottage cheese a bit of olive oil, fresh ground black pepper and some dried oregano. No need for salt as the feta is salty enough. Stuff the hollowed out tomatoes with the cheese mixture and top with a few bread crumbs and a drizzle of olive oil and bake at 350F for about 40 minutes until the crumbs brown and the tomatoes have softened a bit. I used a small gratin dish. The tartness of the tomatoes and the cheese are a nice match and it is something to do with all these tomatoes. I haven't tried it yet but another nice stuffing would be a mixture of equal parts finely chopped onion and cheddar.

I have done similar things with zucchini when I was trying to find different ways to use the abundance from the garden. A fun thing with zuke's is to cut them about an inch or so thick crosswise and using an apple corer or a melon tool make a hole in the center and stuff with a cheese stuffing of some sort and bake them the same way. Think of them as vege doughnuts.

Yeah, I know I can always make green tomato relish but I have a half dozen pints from last year to use up first.

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