Monday, July 27, 2009

Canning Menahunies

I went out to get some milk thinking that surely the menahunies would take care of the 9 pounds of green beans picked yesterday. Somehow they didn't get the word as the beans are still in the bottom of the fridge. Looks like the balance of my afternoon is spoken for. It's not really that hard but standing at the counter and trimming that many beans takes a toll on the old back and knees. I can't seem to work effectively sitting at the kitchen table but maybe I will give it a try. This should make a full pressure canner load of 8 quarts...a lot of beans. These are the last of the Kentucky Wonder pole beans which got pulled up in preparation for a fall crop of Trail of Tears and Hidasa for drying on the vine. Both are heirloom beans courtesy of the Native Americans and I grow them both (as I do the October, Hutterite, Boston Soup and Dark Kidney) for food and to continue the genetic line for another year. All of the beans will have some reserved for replanting next year.

No, I still don't hear the menahunies at work in the kitchen so I guess I will get to work. Maybe they are mad because I don't have any tarot planted in the garden? I do have two Hawaiian Ti plants on the deck but I guess that is not enough.

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