Friday, July 31, 2009

Endeavour Is Safely Back

Another successful space mission. Welcome back guys.

Space shuttle Endeavour and its seven astronauts returned to Earth on today, completing a long but successful construction job that boosted the size and power of the international space station.

The shuttle mission lasted 16 days and spanned 6.5 million miles, one of NASA's longest. The shuttle astronauts carried out five spacewalks – tying a record for a single flight – and helped their station colleagues when a toilet flooded and an air purifier overheated. The commode, one of three on the linked shuttle and station, was fixed in a day. But the air-cleansing system remained out of order Friday.

There are now seven shuttle flights remaining to finish the space station, now 83 percent complete with nearly 700,000 pounds of mass. The next launch, by Discovery, is targeted for the end of August.

Great job NASA!

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