Thursday, July 16, 2009

Critter Problems Again

More boring garden blogging but at least this one has a villain(s). Someone, probably squirrels have discovered that the corn is almost ready for picking and decided to beat me to the harvest. Two almost ready ears are shredded and consumed and I am sure there will be more to come. They must be able to smell it. Maybe they will leave me an ear or two. The birds have gotten a few tomatoes but only the ripest and do they know?

In other news...Madam and I are cosponsors of a fund raiser for the historical society this weekend. It's called "Dinner from the Garden" and while the pickled beets, squash casserole, green beans and okra and tomatoes will be from the garden we're going to have to buy corn from a farmer up the road and buy potatoes from Whole Foods for the potato salad. The other sponsor has plenty of blueberries so the blueberry cobbler will be authentic as well. We are also letting Bill Green (Green's on Green St.) do the fried chicken and biscuits. As of right now we have 48 people who have bought tickets so it should be a good crowd. I am only responsible for the beans, beets, potato salad and okra and tomatoes so tomorrow will be a busy day of cooking for the do on Saturday. The beets are done and the potato salad can be done the day ahead. the only thing last minute will be the okra and tomatoes which have to be done fresh. I can prep and blanch the beans tomorrow as well and just do the final cooking on Saturday afternoon. The other cosponsor is a retired doctor and his wife and we'll be having the dinner under the trees at their little farm outside of town and the weather looks like it will cooperate.

Meanwhile, I think I will take a lawn chair and pitcher of iced tea out to the garden and sit in the corn for a few hours. Since I live in the city limits I am not allowed to take a gun but I may be able to save something to harvest by just looking grumpy.

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