Friday, July 10, 2009

Vege Bonuses

It's going to be another nice day here in Atlanta with the high only reaching about 85F. That's two days in a row. Should be back to normal July tomorrow with 90's again. We are at the high summer point in the garden with nothing much to do except harvest, preserve and fight the never ending weeds. Even though I mulch heavily they are still a problem.

Today we begin to harvest the dried beans. October beans and Boston Soup beans are pretty much dried on the vines and are ready to be pulled in and shelled for storage. I didn't plant a lot of each and a good part will be reserved for planting again next year in greater quantities but some will make their way into soup over the coming months. As soon as get all these harvested and the beds redone a second crop of drying beans will be going in as there is still time for another harvest here in the South. With August fast approaching us Southern gardeners also have the fall garden to look forward too. Another crop of beets, spinach, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and more peas. If I was really industrious and lucky I could possibly get another crop of corn planted and harvested before frost.

Some people don't realize that in addition to the great food you get from gardening yourself a lot of vegetables also have wonderful flowers as well. Here are just two examples. Probably the prettiest is the okra blossom but the lowly squash blossom is not far behind.

Off to the garden while it is still cool. I am not sure but an unseasonably cool day in July with a nice breeze might be best thing there is.

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