Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Pressures and Pleasures

Sorry for the light posting around here but the pressures of high summer are keeping me busy. Canned more tomatoes today and a batch of tomato preserves from all the yellow pear tomatoes. I also have a batch of tomato preserves from the cherry tomatoes waiting to be canned tomorrow. It looks like Wednesday will be another tomato canning day in spite of the efforts of the birds to damage every ripening fruit before I can harvest.

Speaking of birds... I had a rewarding experience in the garden today. While working quietly...I tend to go into a sort of meditative state in the garden...a small bird (Eastern Pee Wee) alighted on a post just inches from my head and then fluttered even closer as if to alight on my shoulder. He/she decided not to but again landed just a foot away and just watched me go about my chores. This close surveillance went on for the better part of a half hour and then he/she flew off down the row of tomatoes. It wasn't two minutes until it reappeared with a large bumble bee in its beak and took its position by me once again. I got the impression that it was showing me the bee and letting me know it appreciated the fine hunting ground I had provided with the garden and all its blooms and attending insects. I acknowledged the attention and let it know it was welcome. Off it flew to the bluebird house I have mounted on the garden fence where it seems it is raising a family. Maybe it was saying thanks for the apartment as well? That is one of the great pleasures of spending time in a garden...especially if you silence the mental chatter and just let the life around you guide your thoughts. Beethoven has nothing on the symphony of sounds in a healthy garden all intertwined with the constant hum of bees creating another generation of life.

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