Sunday, January 03, 2010

Balmy Atlanta

Not! Not a record cold but cold enough. Dropped to 20F this morning at sunrise and not expected to get above freezing at all today. Forecast is for 15F tonight. This officially ends the gardening season as even the radishes have given up. I don't expect anything to survive this cold snap. Almost time to start the plants for next year's garden though so I can get some dirt underneath my fingernails pretty soon. 

Had to break down and put the bird bath heater in place last night. The birds are flocking to the only liquid water this morning and are lining up to get a drink. It is nice when they seem to appreciate your efforts.  It is non stop at the bird feeders this morning as well and the suet is mobbed by bluebirds and woodpeckers.

I have been doing all my new year chores like straightening the basement and cleaning up my office a bit. Sorted through all the old tax records and pulled all the stuff more than 7 years old. Now it just needs to be shredded. Madam even pulled out all the collected Food and Wine magazines and recycled them yesterday. I did manage to convince her to keep all my Cook's Illustrated and Saveur back issues as I have them from the first issue of both. She did organize them by date and file them properly.

We both spent a while yesterday cutting toilet paper cores in half and paper towel cores into the same size. I'll fill them with potting soil and use them to start plants instead of buying expensive peat pots. We have been saving them since last summer as have friends. It is amazing how much toilet paper you go through in 6 months!

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