Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Technology

I'll be off the net for a while today while AT&T switches me over to fiber. Fiber optic has just been installed down my street and AT&T is offering a good deal on switching the whole deal over. No more DSL and no more satellite TV and now voice over IP. There really hasn't been anything wrong with Direct TV (except that it goes missing in heavy weather) and DSL has been pretty good since I had all the issues with noise fixed but bundling all my needs under one vendor and getting the reduced rates for long distance is going to save me money and improve reliability and give me more internet speed. I think it's a win. Evidently the DVR that comes with the fiber can record 4 programs at once and the recorded programs are available to any TV in the house which is pretty cool.

One more bonus is that I won't have to hear Madam comment about how ugly the satellite dish is every time we come into the driveway. I do have a fear that Direct TV will just take back the DVR and tuners and leave the dish for me to remove and if that is the case then I'll have to have my daughter come and do the roof work since Madam gets screamy when I make noises about climbing on the roof. Minimonk the firefighter does a pretty good job with ladders and scrambling around on the roof and maybe we can trade me tilling their yard for removing the dish.

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