Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Way Ahead is Forward Not Backward

It is very much a waste of time to try and say this in any other way so let's just say I agree with every word quoted here from Jon Walker at FDL:
Let me put this as simply as possible. Democrats control everything in Washington right now. They control the White House. They have a huge margins in the House and in the Senate. Democrats have larger margins in both chambers than any party has had for decades. They have zero excuses for failing to deliver. Americans will not find some nonsense about having only 59 Senate seats as an acceptable excuse for failing to accomplish anything. If Democrats think they can win in 2010 by running against Republican obstructionism, they will lose badly. Not only will Democrats lose badly if they adopt this strategy, but they will be laughed at. Republicans never had 59 Senate seats, and that did not stop them from passing the legislation they wanted. Trying to explain to the American people how, despite controlling everything, Democrats cannot do anything, because a mean minority of 41 Republican senators won’t let them, is a message that will go over like a lead balloon. If you try to use that excuse, people will think elected Democrats are liars, wimps, idiots, or an ineffectual combination of all three.
Absolutely!  Let's quit fighting with the people that agree with us on 80-90% of  pretty much the entire progressive agenda and focus our effort and our aggression on the Republicans and push ever so much harder at moving the agenda forward. 

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