Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nasty Cold Day But Perfect for Baking

We are under a winter storm watch but it looks like most of it will stay North. I just talked to my Mom in far Western Virgina and they have about 8 inches and it is still coming down. The temp here is 34F right now so I think we are safe.
I spent an hour this morning adding a stage to my worm bed. Now I just have to wait and see if they 'move up' into the new digs so I can harvest the castings. They seem to be happy and are reproducing as there are a bunch of very tiny worms and I can see more 'eggs' all around. Madam laughs at me cutting up vege scraps into tiny bits to feed them but it is amazing how much they can go through.
The first little broccoli plant is popping through the soil this morning which is always good sign. It is absolutely amazing that you can create a living plant out of a seed no larger than a grain of sand. It never fails to renew me when I have the first garden plants on  the way.
So, since anything outside is not in the picture I am going to bake some biscotti and get a batch of sour dough bread going. I should have a fresh batch biscotti just ready for tea this afternoon. I picked up a bad habit from my English friends and the day just doesn't seem complete without an afternoon tea and biscuits. I drink green tea during the day but in the afternoon I like a nice cup of Twinings English Afternoon Tea blend.

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