Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Went Well

Been busy all morning with doctor, groceries etc. so I am just now getting around to seeing the circular firing squad that is the Democratic party point their fingers at everybody about the 'disturbance' in Massachusetts yesterday. I've already said all I am going to say and that is shame on you  Massachusetts.
If there is anything at all to say about yesterday that is positive it might be that this better wake up the White House and get them seriously thinking about finding some other job for good ole Rahm. The only other positive thing to not is that Holy Joe isn't the 60th vote anymore.

The reality is that this should not change the dynamics of the Congress all that much. With Joe in the mix we really never had the vaunted 'filibuster proof' majority anyway and the Dems still control all three parts of the government. Now they just have to figure out how to actually govern. The GOP never had this much control and they still managed to get their agenda driven through(wars, tax cuts for the rich, etc.).

Let's get with the program.

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