Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Futurist Talks About What's Next

I can recommend highly an article by Sara Robinson, the wonderful futurist writer at A World of Progress. In it she covers 10 cherished progressive 'truths' that we need to seriously reconsider if we are going to successfully navigate the new landscape of life and politics in this new century. It's definitely worth a read. Here is a bit of the introduction:

Being progressive in the Second Year of Obama is going to mean something very different than it did even just a few weeks ago. We're in a whole new territory now, and the maps we've been using since the 1960s don't even begin to match the new terrain we're now wandering in. In particular, there are several key assumptions that have been central to progressivism in the past that we should seriously consider leaving by the trailside before we head out into this new wilderness. They have served us well in the past; but now, they're just old baggage that will bog us down.

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