Monday, January 03, 2011

HFCS Again

I've talked here at length about the dangers of consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup. People continue to research it and new findings about how bad the stuff is for humans are almost daily occurrences. Here is an article from Dr. Mercola that summarizes what we know about the bad stuff HFCS can do to you. In spite of the commercials from HFCS producers that it is just like sugar. It is not and too say so is a lie.

Here is the bottom line. The sugar fructose is toxic to humans. Historically humans only consumed maybe 15% of their sugar as fructose, mainly from fruit. That small amount is tolerable. Recent tests have shown that the HFCS in most sodas is actually 65% fructose(not the 55% we were told). Regardless, that is too much fructose for the body to deal with. Fructose is not metabolized like glucose, which when unused passes out of the body. Fructose is solely processed by the liver and unused fructose is stored in the body as fat and not passed out. An extra HFCS soda a day can add 15 pounds to your body weight in a year.

Now the food producers are trying to get the FDA to allow them to call HFCS, corn sugar on their labels. For now the food folks have to tell you that they use HFCS and maybe soon it will be corn sugar but regardless it is easy to avoid if you just read the label. The good news is that some folks in the food industry are taking the dangers of HFCS seriously and have stopped using it and switched back to plain white sugar.

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