Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeds and More Seeds

The first batch of seeds are now on order. It is always a trial to decide which of the hundreds of varieties and I always tend to fail on the extra choice side which means I order more than I will probably actually need. The thing is if you want just a couple of plants of a certain variety you still have to order a packet of 50 or a 100 seeds. The good thing is that if you keep them carefully they will last for a couple of years.
It is always a pleasure to scour all the seed catalogs but a trial to narrow down your order to something reasonable since they all look so good. I got away this year with less than $200 but only because I kept seed from last year and saved the heirloom ones.
I've still to order my heirloom seeds from Seed Savers but that will happen tomorrow just as soon as I can narrow down my order to something sane. I want to grow everything, especially all the heirloom beans but I have to restrict myself to just a half dozen or so.

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