Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Over The Edge

I'm come to the conclusion that it might be best for all concerned if we just went ahead and collapsed as a country. I mean let it all go. Why all this creeping slowly to the precipice? Get it over with. Screw the debt ceiling, let the bankers and wealthy have all the money, let the corporations that grow our food run amok and just get along with poisoning us all. Repeal the affordable care act, don't fund the new food safety laws, quit funding education and and all this 'socialist' welfare like food stamps and unemployment.  We might as make it a law that everyone has to own a gun as well.

I am, of course, being facetious but seriously... maybe if it got bad enough. If folks were going to door(at least to those people who still have doors) begging for food or a blanket to keep warm. If friends were suffering or even dying for lack of medical care. If you had to fight or threaten others to get food. The worst of the worst you can imagine is happening maybe people would wake up and pay attention to what IS happening. It's like the old joke about working with mules. First you have to whack them over the head with a two by four to get their attention before you can proceed to get anything done.

I'm just watching this daily slide or slow circulation around the drain and am wondering how bad it has to get before people wake up to the reality. Right now the GOP is wasting money and time voting to repeal the not so great but better than nothing Affordable Care Act and are offering nothing (really nothing) in return and in the process are building all their arguments on bald face lies in complete rejection of reality  and all the while knowing it is a waste of time and will go nowhere beyond the House.

Just today Jack Kingston (R-Ga) stated in the AJC that he was seriously doubting that the Congress would fund(1.5 billion dollars) the new Food Safety Modernization Act since America's food supply was 99.9 percent safe and the benefit just wasn't there for a .1% increase in food safety. Believe it or not, he and his staff reached the 99.9% number by taking the number of food related illnesses last year as reported by the CDC and dividing it by the number of meals Americans eat each year. While this is a valid 'statistic' it actually represents you chances of getting sick from your NEXT meal and is not a measure of our food safety. The actual number, as calculated by the CDC and others, is that 1 in 6 people will suffer from a food born illness within the next 12 months and that poor food safety costs us some 150 billion dollars a year. This rube is in charge of funding food safety....think about it.

Yes, all in all, it is probably just time to jump the shark or at least get to the point where people will begin towake to the reality of the crumbling of the American Dream. This waiting for the other shoe to fall is killing me.

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