Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Is Coming

It's warmed a bit today and I've got spring fever and have the itch to plant something. I've been looking through seed catalogs and am just about ready to make the big winter order. As luck would have it I just came back from Home Depot where I needed a small submersible pump for the greenhouse and while there I took a stroll through the garden department. Lo and behold they had starts for both horseradish and rhubarb. I have been looking for both as they are two things I don't have growing in the home garden. I'll get them started in pots in the greenhouse today as it is too early for them to go outside and that way they will be ahead of the curve come proper spring. I'll get some dirt under my fingernails today after all. When the harvest comes we'll all have a nice rhubarb pie.

I also stopped by Pike Nursery on the way home and found some organic leek seed which needs to be started now as well. I've still got leeks growing in the garden in spite of the horrible freezing weather and snow. The outer leaves are a little worse for wear but the freezing hasn't hurt the inside and if anything I think the cold has made them sweeter than normal. They will be, of course, one of the key ingredients in my cock-a-leekie soup in honor of good old Robbie Burns tomorrow night. And yes, there is a wee dram in the forecast.

Off to play in the dirt.

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